Don't let politics get in the way of a party

Posted on June 3, 2009, a guest post by Jeremy Zhao

I attended the Lilac Festival and it was absolutely awesome. There was this one stall that sold books which you could only find in the depths of Mordor or something. We had Lee Richardson and the Conservative gang show me the glories of having a Tax Free Savings Account and I stole a free Alderman John Mar pencil.

Do not let the cost of the Lilac Festival get in the way of having a blast. I know about the escalating costs, but there’s little I can do except donate perhaps to the Friends of the Lilac Festival. Looking beyond government for help is probably the best thing to do right now, and it starts with the community and shops around 4th street. The picture you see is one I took of a board that asked what I would do if I was premier of Alberta (courtesy of the Alberta View magazine). They said they would publish our answers. I wrote (if you can find it)

“Chen ‘Francisco’ Li” and “Allen Cheung for deputy premier”. Oh the inside jokes.

As well, I have also posted a video from the Calgary Herald of the Calgary Dancing Man from YouTube. It’s a very uplifting video. It just starts with one guy and it spreads like a Nose Hill wildfire.