Green Drinks: Celebrate good times!

Posted on May 19, 2009

It's funny the impression you can have of the world around you when you spend more time making assumptions than actually discovering that world.  The phrase 'to assume makes an ass of you and me' couldn't be more true.  Assuming things has definitely made an ass out of me.  There, I admitted it, I'm an ass.  Or at least I was.  The assumption I used to make?  That Calgary has a shriveled, sorry excuse for an environmentally minded community.  Well, I'm happy to say that I'm wrong (another rare admittance I might add).

It may be a smaller community than it should be, but it's far from sorry.  Calgary's environmentally minded community is thriving, vibrant and diverse.  What it might lack in size it makes up for in determination and creativity.  The community's demographic isn't simply just unemployed tree huggers, and we won't be marginalized as such.  It's made up of all sorts of individuals, from the expected environmental science crowd, to web developers (had to give a shout out to my peeps), accountants, engineers, scientists, urban planners, managers, students and many more.  Best of all, being in Calgary, this community has something to prove and as a result it is quite exciting to be a part of.

So just how did I find my way into our environmental community?  It was by complete chance - I was reading the #yyc twitter channel back in January and someone mentioned an event called Green Drinks (have to give a shout out to all the #yyc twitter peeps out there, whatever that means).  The 'tweet' had mentioned something about a good boy/girl ratio at the event, so naturally my interest piqued, but more seriously I had debuted this site and wanted to walk the walk that I decided to talk. 

You might find yourself getting roped into some interesting campaigns you weren't prepared for at Green Drinks, in this case for Step It Up Alberta

So I attended my first Green Drinks event in February.  I went alone, undeterred, directly into a side of Calgary I hadn't seen before.  Seeing Vicious Circle completely packed with green-minded people was intimidating to this intrepid loner, but also entirely relieving that the event wasn't simply a table in the corner of the bar surrounded by a few derelict souls.  Awkwardness aside, I managed to meet some great people, and even got roped into a project that I'm very proud to be a part of, my world, my choice! (that's right, had to give a shout out to some of my other peeps).  Now when I go to Green Drinks, not only am I no longer alone, but I feel a part of something that's contributing to the well being of our city.

If you come to Green Drinks and say hi to me, you might find yourself with a prized CalgaryUrbanite fridge magnet. Perfect for those long nights that you need to hold something up on your fridge.

Well, I didn't mean for this post to go all auto-biographical, but here we are.  The real point of this diatribe?  Head to Green Drinks tonight!  You'll meet some like minded individuals, your assumptions will be thrown out the window, and you'll find out first hand that Calgary is more than just an oil town.